About Us

ALPHA INVESTIGATIONS, Inc. is a nationwide private investigative service licensed private detective agency providing undercover private investigations and detectives for domestic clients, attorneys, insurance industries and business firms. Our full service investigation agency specializes in domestic cases such as infidelity, business theft and insurance fraud. We offer employee background checks, criminal histories, video/still photographs evidence along with a written report of an unfaithful spouse and identify potential court witnesses. Our experienced private investigators are trained to locate missing persons.

ALPHA INVESTIGATIONS, Inc. specializes in domestic, corporate and criminal investigations. Providing attorneys, the insurance industry, businesses and individual clients with experienced undercover private investigators. In addition, our investigative agency specializes in public records research, obtaining sworn statements, video, fraudulent actions of employees and domestic situations.

For attorneys we locate and interview witnesses, obtain their statements as well as providing witness evaluations which gives the attorneys an overall profile of their witness for courtroom testimony. We also conduct video surveillance and other services related to trial preparation.


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