Asset Search
This investigation involves identifying and verifying assets to individuals and businesses through a variety of statewide and nationwide record searches. We conduct these record searches in conjunction with pending court actions, when this type of information is essential to your case. Includes present and past real property owned by an indiviual, vehicles, corporations, fictitious names, UCC's, boats and aircraft where available.

Background Checks

Check out that person before you hire them to find out if they have a criminal history. Check out the driving history of that perspective employee, or just run a simple background check on someone you are doing business with to make sure they are the type of person you wish to be associated with.

These services include present address, vehicles, DMV checks, criminal history, accidents, (Florida only), Social Security Number verification, corporate information, UCC filings, professional licenses and bankruptcies.

Civil Search
Search listings of litigations filed with the Clerk of the Court Recording Department by or against an individual or company. Also available is the status of pending cases. Most counties available nationwide.

Corporate Search

Information on a corporation, limited partnerships, fictitious names, officers/directors and individuals associated with including names and addresses of individuals and corporations.   Also available previous inactive corporations.  Available nationwide.

Criminal History
Information on any Federal or State conviction. It includes the date of offense, type of crime, case number, court of jurisdiction and sentence. County criminal histories are also available.

Death Claim Search

A State or nationwide search to determine if a death claim has been filed for a particular name or social security number.

Divorce Search
A search for divorces filed in Florida on an individual. Includes names of husband and wife, court filed and date of divorce.

Driver's License Search
Search for an individual's driver's license number or driving record in a particular State. Includes State of issuance and date of birth.

Inmate Locator
A nationwide search for an inmate in a particular facility.


Insurance Fraud
Surveillance and investigation on false insurance claims. Video taping/or still photographs.

Marriage Search
Marriage listings includes names of groom and bride, certificate number, dates of birth, date of marriage and county where license was issued.

Missing Persons
A national search for an individual by complete name and date of birth; or Social Security Number, Driver's license Number or other information available.

Professional Licenses
Search listing on all professional licenses an individual may hold.

Profile Report
A complete history on an individual including accidents, addresses, aircrafts, aliases, associated persons and relatives, boats, vessels, concealed weapons, corporations, divorces, driver's license information, fictitious names, marriage history, neighbors with addresses and listed telephone numbers, professional license, real property, Social Security number trace, UCC's, vehicles and workmen's compensation claims, plus possible telephone listings, arrest record and criminal history.

Security Consultation
Video surveillance cameras and babysitter safety precautions.

Interviewing, documenting and providing background information to condominum and/or single family home associations for the purpose of assisting in their approval or denial of prospective buyers or lessees.

We conduct both moving and stationary surveillance. Surveillance and all investigations are conducted by investigator(s) who have received years of experience in special surveillance assignments. We have at our disposal a fleet of low profile vehicles along with radio communication giving our investigators an edge in being undetected and conducting a successful moving surveillance. We highly recommend the use of 2 or more investigators when conducting a moving surveillance when the destinations are unknown and there is no other information to follow up on. It is too easy for only one investigator to lose the subject in traffic and other unforeseen obstacles that may come up. However, if only one investigator is all you want, please keep this in mind and you may receive a phone call from us telling you that we have lost the subject in traffic. For stationary surveillance we utilize vans equipped with video cameras to document all activities at that location.

Undercover Work
Company theft, specialized investigators conducting inside and outside surveillance; investigators provide detailed daily reports when conducting an inhouse investigation; surveillance cameras may be placed at the business location.

Vehicle Search
Information on all vehicles registered to an individual or company name.

Workers' Compensation

Search listing information on claims of injury on the job from a particular State where applicable.



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